Monday, May 31, 2010

what a long day

i love it when i have a long day. got up early & went to the mall. i had a reservation at chick-fil-a to try their new spicy chicken sammich which was pretty good by the way. the manager took a picture with us because we were his first spicy chicken customers! he he. somehow i got talked into taking the girls to the beach. i don't mind going to the beach. it's not my favorite but the girls love it! i did get to read the first chapter of a book i just started. i know, i know...i'm suppose to be finishing the book i started a while back but i was invited to join a book club & i accepted. the book is called "if i am missing or dead" by janine latus. seems to be interesting so far.

so nothing creative today. i realized that it's been 8 years since i came up with this idea to put photos on my hallway wall! you think it's time i do it before i change my mind? 8 years is such a long time! time really goes by fast :( anyway, i got some new frames today too & arranged them on the floor to see how they would look on my wall. well silly me...i need photos for my frames!!!!! geez! i have about 20 frames and only about 9 pictures. so i have all my photo disks out and i'm about to spend the rest of my night going through them.

still trying to think of something i did today that was creative but i didn't even cook a great meal. we ate at my mom's house for dinner. i have all these things in my mind that i want to do...all these ideas, things to draw or paint, things to do, books to read, places to go and see. it really feels good to actually do these things & cross them off in my book as being done! i always have a list of things to do.

it was fun driving around with the top down today even tho it was over 90 degrees!!! i do look forward to more days like today this summer.

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