Saturday, May 22, 2010

cultivating new habits

it was too easy to think of all my bad habits the other day. i tried to come up with a list of all my good habits...not so easy. the only thing i could think of was:
1. i always say "please" & "thank you" (it just comes naturally to me)
2. i never go hungry
3. i usually give 100% or more whenever i do anything
4. i keep my body clean
5. i don't smoke
6. i avoid clutter & don't hoard stuff

well that's it. i'm still thinking of bad habits i could add to the other list.

i was thinking that a part of my transformation would require managing my time better. one thing i realized, i let my life revolve around my work schedule. not a good thing when i have such a haphazard schedule. open one day, work a mid shift the next, then close the next. or i might close one night, turn around and have to open the next morning. i might be scheduled to work 7 hours one shift, 10 hours, or even 12 hours! i can't even count on my weekends because i might work 3 saturdays a month, every other weekend, a sunday here or there. it's just chaos! when i close, i don't know what time i will get home. yeah, i know...blah blah blah. at least i have a job and a good paying one at that. i do work hard and i earn every penny!

so now i'm in the process of evaluating my time & i'm thinking of how i can do some things differently. i keep complaining that time is moving so fast. well, i need to make the most out of every minute of my day.

i'm going to come up with some new habits. let's see how i do!

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