Monday, May 31, 2010

busy sunday

so a new month is about to begin.
i decided to make some simple goals for june:
***wake up every morning by 7am
***create something, anything, at least once a day
***lose 5 pounds; do something active for at least 30 min a day
***finish reading "eat, pray, love" (i started it so many months ago i probably need to start all over!)
***take the girls somewhere once a week...
-virginia aquarium
-chrysler museum
-virginia living museum
-norfolk zoo
-botanical gardens
the zoo and gardens are both in norfolk and we can visit them in one day. they each have a butterfly garden area that i'm really interested in seeing. i have an area in my backyard that i want to turn into my own butterfly garden.

speaking of gardens, it was in the 90s outside and today of all days i'm in the mood to work in my flowerbeds. I wish i took a "before" picture of the section i worked on. it was loaded with weeds and grass. most of the plants and that juniper tree i planted there last year were looking awful. i dug, i shoveled, i pulled everything out by hand. my soon to be ex happened to come by (not use to referring to him that way yet). i got him to dig up the juniper and plant the new petunias i bought today.

so here's my creative creation for the day!
i need to get some mulch and plan to put a small tree in the middle, probably a japanese maple. it's amazing how much of a difference mulch can make. my creation looks pretty dry but i'm really proud of all my hard work!

i actually had 2 creations today...the 2nd being the yummy dinner i made! i did one of those seafood pots. i cheated & got my crab legs seasoned & steamed at farm fresh. but in my pot, i had shrimp, red potatoes, onion, bulb of garlic, lemon, can of beer, shrimp/crab boil seasoning, turkey smoked sausage, & yummy yummy fresh sweet corn on the cob!

well, i have the holiday off tomorrow. i do plan to place a photo collection on my hallway wall, something i've been wanting to do for a very long time. maybe that will be my creative creation for the day :)

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