Tuesday, May 25, 2010

new habit #1

start & end my day off right...create a daily routine

1. wake up at the same time everyday!
2. drink a glass of water
3. perform some healthy stretches
4. meditate and/or Bible study for 15 minutes
5. go over my list of "things to do today"
6. shower/get dressed
7. actually make & eat breakfast

1. write in my gratitude journal
2. plan tomorrow
3. some sort of facial routine
4. read (book of the month) and/or study (french or photography)
at least 30 minutes or until i get sleepy

i love to sleep in...i have a bad habit of hitting the snooze button remember? but i end up feeling most days that i wasted too much time. i think now, since the hubby moved out, that i am sleeping better. i don't have to deal with his snoring! isn't that a blessing? i do, however, still have to deal with baxter's :)

i've read a lot about starting the day with a glass of water. i usually have a glass at my bedside every night and finish it off when i wake up so this shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

i need to research on the best stretches to do in the morning. maybe i'll work this one up to actually doing real exercises!

i don't know how to meditate. my mind is always running & i can't seem to clear it enough for meditation. i do want to study the Bible more, in particular, joyce meyer has talked of "fruits of the spirit" and "love" so i'm interested in those areas. or instead of meditating i could actually do some sketching...a form of meditation could be accessing the right side of my brain, right?

i'm still working on the evening routine. let's see how i do in all this. so far this week i've been waking up about 7am. maybe that can be my wake up time, but if i have to work an open shift, i usually leave by 7:20 so that won't work on those days. i'll figure something out. i'm afraid if i wake up too early, i'll be back in bed after lunch!

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