Monday, May 24, 2010

random things about me...

* i am the mother of 3 beautiful girls
* i started motherhood at the age of 14
* i am the mother of a wonderful boston terrier i call baxter
* i've been a nurse for 18 years (6 as an LPN & 12 as an RN)
* i want to be an artist when i grow up
* i love to cook (and eat)
* i'm back in school working on a bachelor's degree in nursing
* i have 2 associate's degrees (nursing & social sciences)
* i hate going to the gym
* i could probably eat pizza & french fries with a pepsi everyday
* i have a sweet tooth!
* i can't dance
* i can't sing & won't if i know someone is listening or watching me
* i wish i could sing and dance
* i enjoy naps on my hammock
* i hate liars (this should be #1)
* i have a thing for pens, i can't seem to get enough of them
* i've always loved garfield
* i enjoy watching cartoons (George & Martha is one of my favorites)
* i have sensitive teeth to cold (i have to microwave my salads & fruit)
* i love watching "murder, she wrote"
* i can't tell a joke and have a hard time telling stories
* i love to laugh
* i love, love, love, love, love surprises!!!!!

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