Sunday, May 16, 2010

list of angela's bad habits

1. procrastination
2. trying to make sense out of nonsense
3. insomnia
4. hitting the snooze button
5. forgetfulness
6. biting my inner bottom lip
7. picking zits & scabs on my face
8. using the words (& thinking) "would of", "could of", or "should of"
9. complaining
10. saying "yes" or "ok"
11. taking too much for granted
12. working too hard and not playing hard
13. not cooking what i plan initially, letting groceries go to waste
14. eating when bored
15. having to eat popcorn at the movie theatre no matter what
16. biting a broken fingernail
17. not finishing everything i start
18. wanting to say or do something at a given moment but don't

i'm sure i have more ;-)

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