Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my first bento!

i had so much fun making this neat little creation. i worked with what i had in my kitchen & i enjoyed every minute of it!
i made some korean jap chae, cucumber kimchi, something i call spinach kimchi, and made one of those rice balls (onigiri) for the 1st time.
i found a mini heart shape cookie cutter & cut out the cucumbers. i used the spinach to fill the onigiri. the spinach is blanched, then marinated with sesame oil, garlic, green onions, salt, & sesame seeds. i added a few sliced strawberries & oranges. i just added the broccoli and mini carrots to fill in the corners. (i always thought broccoli was spelled "brocholi"! i'm learning new things already by doing this blog!)
i got the recipe for this spinach and the jap chae from a neat cookbook called "quick & easy korean cooking" by cecilia hae-jin lee.
i need to work on my photography skills. i wish you could see how brilliant the colors were. i look forward to making more (and eating more)!

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