Thursday, June 3, 2010

photos in the hall...finally!

it really feels good to accomplish something that was on my list of things to do, especially when it's been on that list for a very long time! i almost gave up too. some of the frames were cheapie ones & were difficult to get them flat to the wall. AND what a terrible idea for someone who is borderline OCD!!! it is going to drive me crazy keeping them straight. it's already bothering me that one frame is down too low & another is up a little too high! it's ok. i'm just really happy i got it done! i downsized it to only 15 frames but i still only have 8 pictures, just need 7 more.

so i got to engage in the creative process today (technically yesterday since it's after midnight now). i laid all the frames out on the floor first and decided what went where. i had to figure out exactly where to put the nails. i really did almost give up. i'm really glad i didn't. that's one thing i know, if i keep working at something it usually turns out pretty good. i'm always disappointed in myself when i do quit or give up on a project because i know i can do better. what's next? what else have i procrastinated doing over the years? maybe i'll paint something. i've been wanting to do a portrait of baxter for a long time.

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