Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i'm back

so it's been a while since i've posted. i'm sure all bloggers go through a dry season right? i've been quite busy these days, not just physically but mentally. i'm actually mentally exhausted. so i had to do something about it. i got myself back in school. don't judge me. i love being in a learning environment. right now i'm taking fundamentals of digital art and creative writing. creating a blog was a requirement for the digital arts class, you can take a peek here:

i am really learning a lot in that creative writing class. the number one lesson thus far? my writing sucks! :) i'm actually growing a better appreciation of literature and poetry. i had fun over the last year playing around with poetry. but it always sounded a bit immature i guess. we had an assignment to do for class today, it's poetry in landscape. my piece was voted the best one in the class! yippee! baxter was my star, he is so awesome! so with poetry in landscape, we had to use a noun or verb as a descriptive word (avoid using adjectives). my word was adventure. look at my baxter, just ready to go. doesn't have a clue where he is going and doesn't care. his life is so good. he's such a lucky boy.

well here is one of the poems i've written last year:

insecurity is an ugly and dreadful beast
as it imprisons your heart and uses your joys to feast
it's sole purpose is to create misery
and force the one you love to leave you bitterly
your faith in God will be taken away
as your thoughts are consumed and led astray
oh, where are you my knight in shining armor?
i constantly dream of you as i slumber
til the day comes when you defeat this demon
i will await for you in our garden of eden

it's corny, i know. one thing i've learned about myself in the recent years is that i am corny, i am a nerd, i am ok :)

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