Tuesday, October 25, 2011

plain & simple

i use to make my own greeting cards but since i've moved, downsizing from a house to an apartment, all of my crafting/ cardmaking/scrapbooking/etc. stuff have been packed away in a box. i do have a room designated as my studio i just haven't gotton it all organized yet. so i wanted to make a quick birthday card for someone and the night i wanted to make the card, a friend of mine surprised me with dinner. so of course, i had to make her a thank you card. i love, love, love surprises and that dinner was a beautiful surprise!

these cards are really pretty plain and simple. it's the process i truly love. the process of creating and putting something together and then being able to marvel at the finished product. it could be making a card, cooking a delicious meal, cleaning my kitchen, writing a poem, drawing or painting, anything i guess that started with a "before" and ends with an "after".

i want to use up the stuff i already have. i found myself at michaels today browsing papers, stickers, embellishments, adhesive materials, blades and cutters, the martha stewart line, and of course pens and markers. all things i already have (except martha stewart) so there's no excuse. i'm on a new budget as a single parent now. i use to buy those things so randomly. no more retail therapy for me! i have the materials and tools, i just need the motivation.

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