Thursday, October 6, 2011

angela's future

i am changing my last name. it's random but it's necessary. i am no longer the married name i have and i am definitely not who i was with my maiden name. and since i don't plan on getting re married anytime soon, i am going to concentrate on re inventing myself. is that a cliche? i should say, discovering myself. maybe that's another cliche. i know what's in my heart. i try to ignore it because life, responsibilities, blah blah blah, all get in the way. i have nothing else to do, so why not do what i really want to do? i've recently been diagnosed with the "atlas syndrome". not good. it's the alarm clock going off and this time i am not hitting the snooze button!

baxter isn't the weight of the world. it's just funny how he hangs on. this is what the korean's call uhboohbah. my mom even sewed together this fancy uhboohbah blanket to wrap my baby to her upper body. i wonder what she did with it? it was pretty awesome. she carried all of my girls around like that. hands free, baby cuddled and warm, close to the body without straps and contraptions. ok, so unrelated but the thought was provoked in my complicated mind and i had to go with it :)

so here's my 5 year forecast:
**out of debt
**practicing mindfulness
**working as a full time artist
**living with gratitude
**possibly relocated in another city,state,country (preferably san francisco)
**oh and 15 pounds smaller, only 15

that's do able, right?

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