Saturday, November 27, 2010

possibly my "aha" moment

i know it's been awhile. i've been too busy (that's my excuse) to create. a few more weeks and i will be done with school, this time :) i can't believe it's almost over.

a lot has happened! so many self discoveries, new understandings, revival of some old habits, new emotions, new attitudes...a true sense of faith & peace...even moments of pure happiness, uncontrollable smiling, lots of real laughter, ultimate gratitude, & true joys of little things in life! i've also experienced some recent heartache along the way. as painful as the heartache is, it is well appreciated as i know it was meant to be. i strongly believe all things happen for a reason!

i can say that i have learned to love. it's been a challenge & a difficult struggle but i think i can finally say that i love myself :) i finally accept myself...the woman i am, the one i've been created to be. it may sound corny, cliche, whatever the synonym but i have learned a lot about myself in the last few months. i'm still in the process of learning. i'm still in a few "situations" that are not over yet. i have also been working hard on making sure the people i love know how much they mean to me...another struggle of mine, but i'm working on it.

i realized that following & listening to my heart has never done me wrong. my mind gets in the way with all of it's expectations, criticisms, & assumptions!!! my mind is what keeps me from my art & creativity. my mind is what keeps me from enjoying life! so sad but true! maybe this is my "aha" moment??? this is where my life changes forever!

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  1. kudos to your for learning to love yourself. that's honestly one of the most gratifying things. gah. you rule.