Friday, October 28, 2011

thank you cards from the greedy lil pigs

it's been on my "to do" list for about 3 to 4 months now. i've been wanting to make 2 thank you cards all summer long. a friend of mine is in culinary school and she would donate her practice chops (carrots, celery, etc) and a doctor i work with had a garden and she would donate her carrot tops, excess lettuce, etc. to our greedy lil pigs, as i call them. lilly and dandelion (but i call her baby, because she is lilly's baby). so here are the thank you cards from our guinea pigs. i placed a picture of them inside so they knew who it was from :)

i do find i am attracted to the more simpler cards. i like clean lines and simple shapes. not too many accessories i guess. i am the same way with the way i dress. i am a girl who does not usually accessorize. there's a blog i started following, these are some jazzy elder ladies. i absolutely love their style. now these girls accessorize but they look like they have the money to do so. that's one of my problems, i do have expensive taste and if i can't have what i really want i don't waste the money buying something else. crazy, huh? plus i never wanted to attract any attention to myself. anyway, i saw this blog for the first time and said to myself "that's me when i grow up". i love it. so here's the site if anyone is interested:

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