Thursday, October 13, 2011

making candles!

thanks to my friend ashley
we made some awesome candles. i haven't burned one yet so i have no idea how it smells. i kinda made my own formulation of scents. sage & citrus, lavender, rain, and i think it was linen or clean. i can't remember. i just mixed them all. we mixed the wax with crayons for the color. we used a soy based wax. it was really fun. ashley made the lovely tag, her husband handmade the button she used. thank you ashley! a friend wanted to buy it from me, i told her i would get back to her with a price but i decided i'm going to just give it to her. it's fun to make things, create things, then share them with people i love. i sold a painting to a friend once and i feel terrible about it. she sent the painting to be framed so i haven't seen it hanging on her wall yet. i'm afraid when i do i am going to feel so much guilt! so how in the world am i ever going to make a living as an artist like this?

i'm playing hooky tonight from my graphic arts class. i seem to be suffering with migraines, specifically cluster headaches as i was told. not sure if it's from the weather, if it's hormonal, stress, i don't know. just like the recent atlas syndrome diagnosis, i just need to hurry up and get myself together! i know it's career related. certain events occurred in january and my body seems to have responded in a negative way. it all started with a stiff neck that hasn't gone away yet. a very good friend told me i am the lion who is lying on a nail, i'm crying in pain, i'm suffering and all i have to do is get up off the nail. those weren't her exact words but it went something like that (thanks chris). what's my mental malfunction? what is keeping me from making that move?

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