Saturday, November 5, 2011

wanna say "been there, done that"

1. vacation in each of the united states at least once
(so far i've only been to virginia-most of the state; texas-born there & been to san antonio; florida-orlando only; nevada-las vegas; new york-manhatten; north carolina-asheville, boone, the outer banks; delaware-dover; new jersey-atlantic city; massachusettes-boston; indiana-indianapolis; pennsylvania-pittsburgh; georgia-atlanta; maryland-baltimore. i have a long way to go, huh? oh, and connecticut, that was the worst trip ever, i don't want to claim it)
2. live in france and learn to speak french fluently
3. write legibly with both hands
4. master eating with chopsticks
5. read at least one book per month
6. watch every movie that won an oscar
7. run (not walk) in a marathon
8. visit disney world during christmas time
9. write a book and publish it
10. own a gourmet kitchen
11. learn to dance
12. learn to sing
13. paint a portrait of someone famous (commissioned of course)
14. fly kites at mount trashmore
15. be completely debt free
16. see a wimbledon match in england
17. ride in a hot air balloon
18. learn to say "hello" in at least 50 different languages
19. learn to say "thank you" in at least 50 different languages
20. go to an olympics ceremony
21. play the cello
22. eat lunch in central park, new york
23. learn to meditate
24. visit a ranch & go horseback riding
25. vacation at a ski resort
26. start my own business
27. tour hawaii in a helicopter
28. go bird watching
29. take residence in an artist retreat
30. volunteer for a good cause
31. own a cafe
32. visit a nude beach
33. finish art school
34. work as a waitress
35. become a professional artist
36. take that scenic drive on the pacific coast (i forget the area)
37. work as a teacher
38. learn how to swim

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