Friday, November 4, 2011

cooking dinner

just wanted to make something quick and easy. i ended up doing a stir fry. i love a colorful plate. the rice is cooking in the cooker! can't have stir fry without rice! there's just something about cooking with fresh ingredients. chopping and cutting makes it feel even more special. again, like anything i create, it's the process i enjoy. it's always fun to cook too. cooking on a gas cook top is the best.

sugar snap peas, sliced carrots, sliced zucchini, sliced onions, broccoli florets, minced garlic. i cheated and used a bottled sauce. it's still good. why try and reinvent the wheel? i wish i had a red bell pepper for added flavor and color.
the finished plate. hot steamy rice. chicken and lots of veggies.
dessert! again something quick and simple. i don't know why i was craving chocolate pudding with cool whip on top. if i wanted to be fancier i would have added chocolate shavings on top. it was fun putting the cool whip into a zip loc bag and cutting out a corner, i squeezed it into the glass pretending to be a pastry chef :)

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