Tuesday, November 8, 2011

studio space

here's a peek at where all the action takes place:

i am sharing these now so consider them the "before". hopefully, within the next few months i will have an "after" to show you. it's crazy how i have a hard time working in there sometimes. i think it's the junk (stuff that doesn't belong in there but i have no where else to put it) and the fact that all of my books and supplies do not have their own place. ikea has perfect bookshelves for this room and i can't wait to go get them. it's a 3 1/2 hour drive, i'm going to have to borrow a pick up truck, and put the shelves together myself. or i can pay $249 for delivery and then put them together by myself but if i do that then i won't get to enjoy a cheap, delicious meatball lunch!

it is definitely a room for inspiration and ideas. i love just going in there and sitting down. it's like when i go to an art supply store, it motivates me just to be in the presence of the art supplies. it is no doubt a feel good room and i am so blessed to have this space and call it my own!

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