Wednesday, November 16, 2011


tom phillips created the humument

this was a fun assignment from my creative writing class. we had to create our own humument. i was only suppose to do one but once i started i couldn't stop :)  you are suppose to isolate words off the page of a book to create a poem:
this was the first one i created

it's too late
dropping her wings
die if you want to
the owl
was gone
this is the book i used
i need to find my niche. tom phillips discovered something unique. what am i going to do? for my digital arts class last night we created a menu brochure for a local restaurant. designing layouts, inserting photos and creating a professional appearance is a lot of fun to me. i really enjoyed doing it. i did something similar in my foundations class many years ago. we actually created a book of the elements and principles of art. we used appleworks then. now i'm learning creative suite. i've always wanted photoshop. so all night i thought of how i would love a full time job where i could play with layouts and create brochures or pages of a magazine. that would be a great day job! are there any of those jobs out there?

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