Sunday, June 1, 2014

too much time on my hands

it has been on my list of things to do for 2 months now. there are people i need to thank and a baby shower i missed. i don't usually hand write on the front of my cards but i felt frisky tonight. tee hee   
i used paper and scissors to cut out the elephant shape and put together a portrait of baxter, he really does have googly eyes sometimes :)  then i pulled out the scrapbooking paper and tried to put some things together. 

it's funny, tonight i was watching a movie, i thought about getting these cards made but instead i started cleaning. as i sprayed some windex i wondered why i was procrastinating. i don't understand why i do that to myself. i needed to spend time in my studio. it's fun. it makes me feel good. i love it! 

i have a lot on my mind these days. i have this opportunity now to really think about what is it i want to do with myself & my life. one of the reasons i moved 100 miles away was to jump start a change. i signed up to go back to school in the fall. i'm thinking of art classes again as well as one of those career switcher programs to become a school teacher. i would love to add "art teacher" to my resume :)

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  1. Cute cards Angela....and you hand wrote the salutations??? Good job and a good idea too!! I am thinking you could do most anything you want....with all that art talent tucked away in your soul.....go for it!!