Tuesday, June 10, 2014

i love to paint!

1st painting is oil on wood panel. 2nd one was done in oil on canvas.
my weekend was absolutely wonderful. i took a workshop i'd been wanting to do for over a year now. it's a dog portrait workshop offered by the vmfa. the instructor was matt lively and he is awesome.

i didn't know what to expect when we started. i showed up with only drawing materials. but you know what? i love to paint! i was reluctant to paint because it had been so long since i picked up my paint brushes. i don't understand why i have no confidence in my painting abilities. i received a lot of compliments on these but there are so many areas i want to "fix". i am afraid i will mess them up completely if i touch them again. they look really good from far away. when i look at them i am actually amazed at myself and say in steve urkel's voice "did i do that?" :)

so now i am starting to think that maybe i can start a business. i need a job. i love to paint. what's stopping me? i'm kind of excited just thinking about it! well, let's see what happens :)

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  1. Awww....cute paintings of your doggy. I don't know, what IS stopping you. So how much would you charge for a doggy painting? You might have something going there. Go on Etsy.com and type in Dog paintings....I know there are some, have seen them, maybe I will check it out myself and can let you know. Keep on painting.....good job!!