Wednesday, June 18, 2014

learning as i go

baxter! oil on canvas panel

i am thinking about joining the daily paintworks group. i entered the pink baxter in their monthly contest. so exciting :)  there is some awesome competition. yeah, reality check, i have a long way to go. but i'm working on it now!

well, what had happen was.....
obviously painting daily is great practice. and i need all the practice i can get! 

lessons learned with today's painting session:
     1.  i don't think i can handle painting small
     2.  i don't have enough small brushes
     3.  i also don't like the super smooth panel
     4.  maybe hamsters are just not my thing
i almost gave up on this one. i struggled so much. i cleaned everything up. and as i stepped away from it, i saw where many improvements were needed. 
     5.  step back and look at it before you clean up
     6.  take pictures before you start making "improvements" 

at first i hated this one but at least it is recognizable as a hamster.  i'm just happy i actually spent some time painting today. it's just like anything else. the more prepared i am, the more confident i get. and i really love doing it so why not do something i love on a daily basis? 


  1. you and Baxter have a pet hamster??? Maybe the difference is "love" Baxter looks great and I would think painting him, there is that love factor. You love Baxter so you love painting him. Hampsters??? I would find it hard to love a hamster. but I guess if he was my pet and I loved him...maybe I could paint him.

    But I do love what you are doing...can hardly wait to see some more work of yours. I am sure with more painting will come more confidence and lots of gesso (smile).

    1. hi louise! you might be on to something. i believe that certain people can cook better than others because they put that "love" into their cooking. the hamster belongs to my oldest daughter. you certainly gave me something to think about :) and thank you so much for all your compliments and encouragement. have a great weekend!