Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the making of a zine

if you didn't figure it out already & i may have said this before, i like trying new things :) i recently discovered the art of making zines & decided to make one of my own tonight.

my daughters may be adults now but they need a little friendly reminder that mommy is not their maid. so i thought this would be something fun for me to do and i was right :) i was cutting, pasting, playing, doodling, using markers, washi tapes, and other gadgets. (tee hee, who's the adult here?)

there's a zine making workshop coming up in september that i'd like to take. apparently there is some sort of zine festival around here in october. how awesome would it be if i actually made some of these things to distribute and/or sell? i think it's a great concept and when i searched online i found some as simple as the one i just made and then some that are actually published like magazines with a barcode and everything. well, if only i could think of something to say but from what i can tell, i can say whatever i want in those things :)

1 comment:

  1. Guess that is kinda what I got into the last month or so....it's called "zentangle" like doodling, you might like that too, check it out on youtube, it's amazing the stuff people come up with. I never heard of "zine" new to me, will have to check it out and google it. Have a great day.