Tuesday, May 6, 2014

don't believe everything you think

i came across this note today and it made me think :) things we forget posts simple, meaningful messages on post it notes in random places. i try hard not to over think things. my brain likes to analyze too much. i also get too involved in the task at hand then i forget to notice life around me. like when i am walking to the store, i forget to look at the colors and patterns along the way. i forget to actually look at the people who pass me by. i forget to savor the wonderful smells from someone's grill or nearby restaurant. but when i do notice something awesome, i get so happy and then my analytical brain takes over and wonders why i can't do that all the time. i think up so many excuses not to do the things that make me happy, like drawing or painting. i get lazy when i really want to participate in something like riding my bike. it's getting old now. i recently moved from a very comfortable life to add some discomfort and get myself stirred up. maybe some therapy would have been a better option but oh well, too late now. tee hee so, i have photographed in my brain that post it note "don't believe everything you think" and i will refer to it every time i come up with one of my excuses or whenever i get discouraged about anything!

he sits up there often like a little boy with a lot on his mind


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  1. Hi Angela....is that your doggie? Yeah looks like he has a lot on his mind, like when is the next walk and when do I eat and who is that dog over there.............hahahaha

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes for sure we can be so busy with life that we forget to take time to smell the roses....life passes us by and before you know it we're rocking away in our rockers, our hair is grey, our eyes have dimmed and our teeth are sitting in a cup and our brain is out to lunch.....where did life go....went by in a flash and we didn't live in the moment. Time sure can fly by fast. My husband and I will be married going on 41 years already, where did that time go????? Went like a puff of smoke!!!! Have a nice weekend and enjoy...cheers!!!