Thursday, May 15, 2014

"inspiration exists...

but it has to find us working."
--- pablo picasso

this i know to be true. i signed up for a figure drawing course at the museum. i thought it would help bring back some skills i hadn't used in years & help find some of that inspiration. i think i mentioned it before. i have a problem. i tend to procrastinate & tell myself, i don't want to start because i know i will have to stop, and i don't want to stop, but i have to blah, blah blah. i need therapy, right? :)

well, drawing the figure is a lot of fun. i struggled a little in the first class. in the second class i guess with more practice, things were coming back to me. it's one of those "a ha" moments that i love so much! i was actually able to correct my vision, my "art vision" i guess i should call it, something i seem to have lost over the years. once i got going, i could see parts of the body & break it down into simple shapes & pay attention to the relationship in its surroundings. i went into that zone, that happy zone of right brain activity and i loved it!

i plan to take other workshops & classes, hoping to meet more creative type people & explore other mediums and techniques. i have plenty of art supplies, it's about time i use it all up!

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  1. Wow Angela.....I would say those drawing are marvelous! Whats holding you back? I wish I could draw like that. I think if you have a chance to go to workshops and classes, that would be a lot of fun and will expand your creativity.

    I have been thinking of doing some watercolor, using my stamps. Also, I would like to try carving some stamps of my own.....can't seem to find the medium though, guess that is something I need to search on the internet for. I see so many techniques and just want to try them much to do and so little time.

    God gave you a wonder gift....use it or you might lose it, I say.....the ideas are endless, just like in many ideas. I saw a beautiful card tonight on Pinterest....that I shall try. Do you go on Pinterest, lots of inspiration there too!!!

    Well have a great day.....I like that quote from Picasso.......never stop working at what you enjoy the most.