Sunday, April 20, 2014

new beginnings

farewell p town
i am going to miss this neighborhood

our last walk on the waterfront
so i took a leap of faith and moved about 100 miles away! i'd been in the same region for 40 years & i have never done anything like this before. things didn't work out with my job transfer so i even left knowing i would be unemployed.(i love being unemployed by the way)  it's funny how i decide to do this just when things were getting comfortable. i was great at my job. i loved my home and neighborhood. i enjoyed living alone with baxter. i enjoyed cooking for one. my living expenses were pretty much in control and not so bad. i started a new hobby, bike riding, &  i had just started with a riding group. i also had finally started doing local workshops & classes for artsy/crafty things. and then, like a magic poof, i left.

well, i moved into a house that is 94 years old! it needed a lot of cleaning, painting, and minor fix ups here and there. so i have been very busy.  i am enjoying this new adventure. it's funny how this move has forced me to realize many of the things i took for granted. i was content where i was but when i looked back on the year 2013, i noticed that i really didn't do much besides work. i don't want to live like that. this is going to be a great summer. i don't live 30 minutes from the beach anymore but when did i ever go to the beach anyway? there are so many places to see and things to do around here. right now i'm going to enjoy this "extended vacation" as i turn this place into my new home.


  1. Looks like a cute little town you left....but yes, new adventures are before you. My husband and I left the big city of Chicago to live in a small town of 1600 in the county. We now live in a town of 72,000. Don't miss Chi much, well we have been gone since 76....people told us we would never make it....guess that is one thing they learned not to say about us.

    1. hi louise! it's funny how i get really motivated when people tell me that i won't make it :) sounds like you and your husband have been together for a long time. that's great! glad to see you proved them wrong :)

  2. Hi Angela...thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower...that was a pleasant surprise. Be sure to stop back again, get your name in the bowl a couple more times with more chances to win. Hope you are having a good move and pretty much settled? (not sure that ever happens :))