Thursday, July 25, 2013

another lovely stampin' up day

i spent the evening with a friend i call the "stampin' up queen"  she makes this stuff look so easy. if only i could buy everything in the catalog but i need to use the stuff i already own, right? i could have kept going on and on all night but unfortunately it's just an hour class. maybe one day i can talk her into a card making marathon, wouldn't that be awesome?  ^__^

i found the first card she ever made and she had a lot of the initial cards she made years ago. i thought they were cute and innocent. nothing fancy. she kept saying how much they sucked and how she was too embarrassed to give them to anyone. i laughed when i thought about it but i give away all of the cards i make and thought "should i be embarrassed too?". but then i said to myself, "heck no!" i make those cards with loving intentions, they mean a lot to me and i'm going to keep making them. i really enjoy it!

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