Friday, July 19, 2013

trying to awaken the child within

i seem to have a problem, i buy art supplies & stuff and never use them. for some reason i'm always attracted to those crayons every fall when all of the school supplies are displayed. i actually found 2 packs of the crayola 24s in my studio, never used of course.
i found that cute little book "32 ways to dress a piggy" in a store called franklin goose. (please don't mind the grease stain from the mary janes i added to the bag. by the way, i actually like bit-o-honey's better) anyway, all of those cute little books i have intimidate me. they are cute and "perfect" just the way they are, why would i make marks in them and mess them up? i feel the same way whenever i buy a neat notebook or cool composition book.
i am pleased with my little frogs, the pig's dress is really ugly and coloring the hello kitty was quite boring. i'm going to try again but maybe with pens instead. the crayons seemed different some how, probably not made the same as they were when i was little. i realized i probably need to be more adventurous and try something crazy with the boring hello kitty pages but i think i'm going to have fun with the doodle book   ^__^
i actually caught myself biting my lip as i colored. i think i even had my tongue sticking out the side at one point.

unfortunately, i'm one of those who "always" colors within the lines.

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