Thursday, May 24, 2012

who ever knew making a pair of pajama pants was so difficult?

if you did know, someone should have told me :)
i found a do it yourself drawstring pants project on martha stewart's website

seemed easy enough. i printed out the template and had to put it together with scotch tape. i cut a "front" and "back" piece and realized that something didn't seem right. the instructions were so confusing to me. i think i might be a dingbat when it comes to sewing. maybe there is just basic stuff you are suppose to know before using a sewing machine or using patterns/templates and i haven't found that lesson yet.

for me, i need more specific instructions. tell me how many pieces to cut. tell me what side to put the template on before i cut it. show me pictures of each step. i don't know, i was so confused. i couldn't follow the instructions. i took my 4 pieces of material and put it together the way i could. i thought of it like a puzzle.

look at the finished piece, do you see a problem? well, all of my pieces were cut the same way. i had to turn 2 pieces the wrong way to make it fit. plus, i couldn't figure out which was the front or back piece anymore. and then i accidentally sewed the crotch area on the wrong side so the middle looked like it was inside out. when i took it apart, the material is so thin and cheap, it ripped in some areas. i kept thinking to myself "i can't believe i'm having fun doing this". oh and geez, you should have seen me when i realized i didn't have holes for my drawstring to come through.

maybe i shouldn't have thrown away the template. i need to try this again the "right way". i went to the website just to see it again. i found a video for it but it wasn't very specific either. i'll figure it out :) i'm going to do some research on youtube before i do another sewing project.

putting the pattern together

final pattern pieces

fabric cut, but something doesn't seem right

something is definitely wrong but i did it!

at least it's wearable :) 

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