Thursday, May 3, 2012

goals for may

i've had a few days off from work and actually did a lot. i've had a list of "to dos" for months now and i just got most of that list done! one of those things to do was to make thank you cards and mail them. i always have fun making cards. and i love using all of the stuff i already have.

i've also been doing a lot of thinking. so for the month of may i decided on a few goals:
1. do a drawing a day (i need to fill up my sketchbooks)
2. no eating out (i will save a lot of money)
3. walk or ride my bike at least once a day (bike ride as soon as i put air in my tires)
4. finish reading the hunger games (a friend asked me to read it then i guess we'll go see the movie)
5. absolutely no more than 1 soda a day (drink water instead)

i think it can be done. no, i know it can be done. so let's see. today, i haven't done a drawing yet but i will as soon as i get off of the computer :) i did not eat out today and i only drank one glass of cherry coke. i took a nap instead of a walk and as soon as i'm done with my drawing i will read until i fall asleep.

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