Monday, May 7, 2012

my first sewing project

i was given this sewing machine from someone who didn't need it anymore. i decided to do something "easy" for my first project. coasters! it was a bit challenging at first. i was doing a lot of talking to myself, something i don't normally do. but i got through it and voila! i made 2 coasters. kudos to all who know how to work a sewing machine! i see how practice makes perfect :) i really want to make my own apron. another friend gave me a book of easy sewing projects, which is where i got the coasters idea. the apron i want to make is in this book.  i think i better practice making a few more coasters if i want the apron to look good. i now understand the importance of precision in cutting fabric too. i skipped the step where it told me to use a fabric marker and ruler before cutting. i also now understand the importance of following instructions carefully :) even through all the frustration, i really had a lot of fun doing this. the best part was that moment when "aha" happened & i suddenly figured it out. then another "aha" happened when i figured out the next problem. and then that big "oh, ok" when i really realized that i figured out what i was doing. i can't wait to try this again & discover a few more of those "aha" moments.

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