Tuesday, April 3, 2012

rejection = motivation

it's tough being rejected. i know it's all part of the process. still, it doesn't feel good. funny how it seems to put a microphone in front of my negative self talk. that self talk i'm trying really hard to change. so my apples painting was rejected for a local college student competition/show. out of 153 submissions, they only kept 79. i was in a bit of shock when i didn't see my name on the list.
my self talk has been talking a lot lately. always saying that maybe i'm not passionate enough, maybe i don't have enough skill, maybe i don't have enough creative talent, blah blah blah. being rejected for this show just added fuel to my self doubt. i know it's all fear talking. i'm always scared to take that leap of faith. scared to quit my job and go for something i know will make me happier. something that will fill my spirit. i do have a fear of rejection. i do find excuses to stop myself from moving forward. excuses has kept me from my dreams for too long!

so i started browsing the internet. something i do when i decide to procrastinate. i read some blog posts & then i came up on this: "don't listen to your fears" from things we forget #843. here's the link http://thingsweforget.blogspot.com
you know i had to analyze and say that message was sent for me :)

making a short story long, within an hour i found out that my school is having their student show. with their student show is a scholarship competition. if my painting was stuck at that other competition, i wouldn't have it to submit for this one. so there you have it. like the saying goes, when one door shuts, another one opens, right? then i remembered how happy i felt to get the piece ready for the show and actually deliver it to the place. i loved the excitement. the process! remember, it's all about the process. i am enjoying the process and i need to focus. this one rejection is just a distraction. a distraction that should motivate me to work harder. rejection has motivated me in the past why shouldn't it continue to do so now?

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  1. Wonderful post! I get rejected all the time, and sometimes I get sad, but other times, it fuels my fire to make more art and submit to more places. Rejection is definitely part of the process, and you are totally right: it is all about the process.