Thursday, March 22, 2012

a photo an hour

i enjoy reading these types of posts. i love seeing a "day in the life" of people. famous and ordinary. i like knowing how people "do it".
i came across one blog that asked for readers to link their photo an hour posts.
well, here's my attempt to do one too :)
9am: cocka doodle doo; i don't do coffee
10am: showered & dressed; baxter has to do his business. a gorgeous day today!
i do love my neighborhood!

11am: painting class meets here today to see the exhibit "30 americans"

1pm: lunch; cheap and easy

2pm & 3pm: i can't seem to separate myself from the sofa; wonderful nap!

4pm: trip to the vet; getting ready to start doggie daycare next week

6pm: waited for the rain to stop; time to make groceries

8pm: dinner! teriyaki chicken, rice, sauteed sugar snap peas. yum!

9pm: felt like making a cake; checked email, read some blogs,
felt guilty for not working on my drawing assignment

11pm: time for netflix
not too productive today. that nap seemed to really fast forward my time. maybe i can blame it on the pollen. obviously i needed it! doing this was fun. i think i will do it again. it helped me be mindful of the moment, something i strive to do more of. i also enjoy having my camera with me wherever i go.
after this movie i will spend a few hours working on my drawing. i don't have to go to work tomorrow so no alarm clock! baxter gets to meet the people and other dogs at the doggie daycare in the morning. this will be his first time doing anything like this. i feel like he's starting kindergarten or something!

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