Sunday, April 29, 2012

a hot mess

just trying something new. acrylics and palette knives. i wanted something bright and energetic. i started applying the paint and took a twisting motion for each color. i realized it looked like a chromosome which provoked me to think of life and creation. as i continued on, i thought of color and the emotions evoked by each:
yellow: sunshine, summer, bright, happiness, optimism;
blue: cold, winter, peace;
orange: enthusiasm, cheerfulness, energy;
purple: royalty, magic, imagination;
red: passion, danger, love, anger, speed.

so when i finished with this "experiment" i tried to make sense of it all. it was created intuitively but i wanted to keep in mind the compositional elements and principles. i have mixed feelings about it, whether i like it or not. i couldn't help but make it into a form of self portrait. my life is a hot mess right now. the yellow at the top being my destination, a place of happiness and brightness. the twists and turns in the middle representing areas of need such as finding peace, energy, and imagination through the stress of my current life. and then the red, the large wave of passion always waiting to take over and as it waits it gets angrier and angrier.

it could also just be me and my girls hanging out at the beach on a hot sunny day :)
i love art!

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