Wednesday, February 22, 2012

who me? go jogging?

yes i did! thanks to my oldest. she introduced me to a simple plan...walk 6 min then jog 1 min. we did it and i survived! we did 3 rounds then a walk. too bad she doesn't live around here, i might need a partner to keep me going. i rewarded myself with a new pair of running shoes! you might not understand why this is such a tremendous achievement for me. i hate going to the gym. i don't like to sweat. i hate exercising. i was never the athletic type (although i do enjoy playing tennis). i am the girl who always got picked last for the team in gym class! (awful childhood memories by the way). the weather is suppose to be gorgeous tomorrow so i look forward to putting my new shoes to use. so one day i will progress to 20 min of non stop jogging, right? well, i'm excited about it. i've always envied people who go jogging on a regular basis. i wish i was disciplined enough. maybe i will be :) i have to do something. everyone tells me that once you turn 40, it's all down hill from there! i refuse to let that happen!

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