Saturday, February 11, 2012

valentine's day & the art of letting go

i was on a mission last night. i had to get my valentine's gifts completed to get them to the post office today. forgive me but i forgot where i found the idea to make valentine mints but i decided to give it a try. it was messy but fun. i found these cute little valentine treat bags by martha stewart. they were perfect for my mints!

i didn't want to make traditional red, white, pink, foo foo valentine day cards so i decided to make little owls. i'm trying to use up the stuff i already own and voila...
making cards is a lot of fun. it's somewhat of a childhood pleasure, cutting & pasting.  i vowed not to spend any more money at the hallmark store. i have invested many dollars with them over the years. i've always wanted one of those cricut machines but it was never priority. as i was cutting and designing my little owls i realized "who needs that expensive machine anyway?". 

one thing i am learning in this transformation of mine is the art of letting go...
...let go of the need to be perfect
...let go of the need for acceptance
...let go of the need of approval
...let go of the fear of "messing" up 
...let go of making excuses
...let go of the habit of spending $; the old me would have gone to michaels and spent money on new pretty papers, embellishments, more adhesive material when i haven't even used up what i have already in stock, etc. it's the same principle with cooking. why not use up what i already have before buying new stuff? it forces one to be more creative, right? i'm a work in progress, i did go to michaels to buy those valentine treat bags tho :) baby steps ok?


  1. aww those are adorable! :)
    Great post!