Sunday, February 19, 2012

before and after

i realized that i do enjoy the before and after effect. i just like seeing a blank paper, an empty plate, or a blank canvas and then seeing what creation appears later. i also enjoy seeing a dirty house, cleaning it and then feeling the pride in its transformation after i've worked so hard. i do love to clean (i know i am weird ;)
thought i was done, well almost gave up
so i really struggle with my drawing class. i don't seem to come up with any good ideas, i struggle to stay positive and just get so frustrated. i'm glad i didn't give up on this. i used soft pastels, messy pastels :) kudos to all who have mastered this technique.  i have mixed feelings about this piece but i like the feeling of overcoming that frustration and pushing forward. i look at it and again i am reminded of why i am doing this. i am learning. i am enjoying myself. i may never sell this piece but i'm finally doing it. this is what i've looked forward to doing for so very long.
after a little more work

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