Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my alter ego

another dandy assignment. my alter ego? the first thing that came to mind was a confident, outgoing woman who has rhythm and is coordinated. someone proud to be under a spotlight posing in front of everyone. that is not me. i decided to do a young lady with dreadlocks(i've always wanted them myself)  in a bikini and roller skates under a disco ball. for some reason i thought it had to be in charcoal. i use to love charcoal but it's been too long since i played with it. doing the fine details of a face was so frustrating. granted, i did not work on this piece very long. this was my second attempt and i erased that face a few times to start over. maybe i should have used charcoal pencil for the face. i struggled, again, and kept whining that i didn't know what i was doing and having all these self doubts. of course,  i expected some negative comments from the instructor during the critique. but he surprised me. he thought the composition worked. it was balanced and he pointed out the forms, not a figure, but the actual forms. then he talked of intuition and how sometimes a person can work strictly from intuition and not even realize they are using the proper principles and elements of design. what a confidence booster that was! thank you mr. irby!
so back to the drawing board. i will definitely work on this one before turning in my final portfolio at the end of the semester.

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