Friday, June 18, 2010

yesterday's lunch

another bento! i tried to make it an italian themed meal. tortellini with roasted red pepper on toothpicks; caprese salad made of mini mozzarella flowers, sweet cherry tomatoes & basil from my new basil plant outside in my flowerbed; i rolled up slices of pepperoni and salami and cut them into bite size pieces. there's marinara sauce in the little bear container and i added some sesame bread sticks, too. this hello kitty box is my first bento box, a good friend ordered it for me and surprised me with it :) i really enjoy making these bento boxes & i don't know if i've already mentioned this but i think i enjoy it more when i make it for someone else and give it away for the person to enjoy. is that strange?

so june is almost over already. on another post i made a list of goals for the month of june...well, i still have a little time left. i hardly ever got out of bed at 7am. i started reading a new book. i didn't exactly create something daily. and when i tried to take the girls somewhere, they had other plans. oh, and i think i gained 5 pounds instead of losing it. (he he) but, i no longer care to focus on what i didn't do, i will focus on what i accomplished this month. so, i read somewhere that if things on your "to do" list keep staying on that list or back on a new list then maybe they were never very important to get done in the first place. so i need to check my priorities. i keep thinking about art. i keep dreaming about the work i want to do. i go into my studio & turn back around. is it fear? i'm trying to figure it out. ralph marston posted "get yourself interested" on his daily motivator website yesterday. just the first statement says "the way to get good is to get interested. the way to get great is to get downright fascinated & passionate". once i start i can't and don't want to stop, getting started is my problem. too much unnecessary nonsense on my mind. this month has really been an emotional roller coaster.

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