Monday, July 28, 2014

my head was in the clouds

i had an awesome weekend learning from the great matt lively. he taught a workshop called "new ideas in painting and drawing" at the museum. it was quite difficult but it was a great lesson about how it's the process that matters, not the perfect masterpiece. at least i learned a lot about painting clouds. clouds seem to be a common aspect of many of his paintings/murals. not only did i get classroom lessons, i actually got to see him at work on a mural. it was one he'd done a while ago but someone vandalized it so he had to fix it and i had the opportunity to hang out, watch and learn! here's a picture of it from his instagram.

the painting i did with the clouds was passed to another student where he had us "collaborate" with each other and do whatever we wanted to it then give it back and work on it some more. not easy but great experience. my classmate added the whimsical golden squares and lines and it made me think of shooting stars so i added the flying pig to it because i really couldn't think of anything else to do :) the other one was an assignment that had a lot of "process" going on. it was frustrating, it was weird, it was a lot of getting out of your comfort zone. i didn't get to finish it, honestly i don't know what i would have done to it to finish, haha

well, i had a lot of fun. i know, i'm a nerd and yes, stuff like this is how i have fun :) i hope you all have a great week & hopefully i will have more "fun" to report later ^_^

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  1. Well, I left a comment yesterday but it did not post.....geez...just don't know what is going on with BlogSpot anymore. It is leaving me frustrated and upset!!! So just in case....I will leave this post as anonymous, it might post that way.

    I like your painting, clouds are great and the shooting stars really added. Oh and flying pig, cute. That must have been fun to watch a real artist do his thing. Keep following your dreams!! Oh this is louise over at cards4ubylouise. Have a great day.