Sunday, March 9, 2014

every artist was once an amateur...

ralph waldo emerson said that and i think he knew what he was talking about :)

everyone knows i like taking these little workshops. i had the pleasure of meeting the couple who runs maple & belmont. they taught a hand lettering class the other night in a neat little shop called kitsch. and as usual, i was having a great time but the class ended so quickly!

it was awesome to see and hear about their process, how they work. it's refreshing to know that they actually work out their products. it's not always an instant success. i wrote my quote down and felt stuck. i didn't really know what to do or how to approach it. when she came by to assist, i could see a sparkle in her eye, corny as that sounds but she was able to visualize so much potential! i wish i could look at the words and see potential design. maybe i can, i know my biggest problem is that i do not practice and i don't take chances.

gifts, i love surprises!
a page from their sketchbook
my attempts, the blue writing was hers
another attempt, hmm
i have so many interests and so many things i want to do and learn. would it be better to focus on just one thing at a time or spend a set amount of time each day or each week on everything. this is just a small lists of the things i am currently interested in:
      * learn korean
      * paint and draw
      * hand lettering
      * hand made cards
      * photography
      * learn the cello
      * read!
      * exercise!
i know, if anyone else came to me whining like this my answer would be "just do it!"

well, hopefully, the winter is finally coming to an end and spring will be here with beautiful colors, fresh air, warm sunshine and inspiration :)

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  1. Love your printing....oh I know...I have so many things I still would like to do..."so much to do and so little time!!!! Have a good weekend.