Friday, February 21, 2014

a day in the studio.....

last month i took another technique class with my friend, lisa freeman, who i call the stampin' up queen. she is pretty good at that stuff. i asked for help in making a cute thank you card for all of the people who made donations for my participation in the tour de cure. actually, lisa is the one who made the very first donation! she even loaned me the scrap paper, the stamps, and the ink pad! so tonight i finally got a chance to make those cards. 

i love making my own cards but as i sit in my studio and look at my empty easel my mind starts to wander. i am attracted to it but i always stop myself. i have ideas but my inner critique tells me not to bother because i don't really know what i am doing. i want to take more classes but how many classes can i take before i realize that i do know what i am doing? ugh, what's wrong with me? making cards is an easy clean up and cheap waste if i mess up. even in card making, like the baby shower one below, i tend to be safe and not really give it my all. and how can i be frugal when i have spent lots of $$$ on art supplies that are just sitting there collecting dust? 

one day, i keep telling myself, one day i will get organized & keep a routine. i can list the many excuses why i haven't started yet but i will spare you :) right now i am working on many changes, which for me are quite extreme. i will share them with you soon. at this moment i am very happy i spent time in my studio, my most favorite room of all ^_^
faux silk technique

this is what i found as i was preparing to make a card! i love when stuff like this happens!

my effort at making a baby shower card last month

getting ready to stamp my heart out

thank you lisa!

ah, the work has just begun but it's a lot of fun. i bet you can't tell which one lisa did for me but i can :)

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  1. What a neat card, it's good to spend a day in your I want to go buy that stamp!!! It must be a SU stamp huh?! Good job, nope, I can't tell which card your friend Lisa made. Have a great weekend. Yeah, life is all about change.