Thursday, January 30, 2014

do you wanna build a snowman.....

if you haven't seen it yet, disney's frozen is an awesome movie! ever since the snow came 2 nights ago the song from that movie (do you want to build a snowman) has been stuck in my head. anyway, there is something really peaceful in the air when it snows. winter is not one of my favorite seasons but i do love them. i am fortunate to live in an area where we somewhat experience all four seasons.

so i have been on house arrest for the past 2 days, i really don't like to drive on ice! i live in an old building (most buildings around here are at about 100 years old) and it sucks trying to keep the place heated but i'm fine as long as i stay closed up in one room.

baxter does not like to get wet. he wasn't really impressed by the snow either. we couldn't walk far before his little paws turned bright red. i always end up carrying him back home. and i never knew this before but walking through 6 or more inches of snow carrying a 20 pound dog is a great workout! 
i've been having fun in my kitchen too. i have been cooking random stuff and cleaned out my ice box. i also found things like those trader joe's cha siu bao (chinese style pork buns) in my freezer and had a yummy snack. i am about to go on another adventure and see what i can discover for tonight's dinner.

i really did want to make a snowman but my laziness and reluctance to get wet and frozen kept me inside :)

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  1. wow….you've had a lot of snow! hibernating and getting creative in the kitchen sounds like the perfect solution! i hope you and baxter stay toasty warm this weekend! xox