Saturday, January 11, 2014

i did what?

American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure
i was invited to join a bike team and i said yes!

i really didn't think about it before i answered. it is for a great cause and i have a yearly new year's resolution to be more active and thought this would be a great way to achieve that goal. i think it's been almost 3 years since i've been on a bicycle. and when i took that ride it was only around one block! i am so out of shape. i've only committed to the 10 mile route. maybe after some weeks of riding i will decide to do the 35 mile one instead. who knows? anyway, it's for the american diabetes association TourdeCure. if you go to my web page you can make a donation, click here. any amount would be greatly appreciated! sorry, i have to try, right?  :)

one of my personal bad traits is the inability to make decisions. i was introduced to a guy who is passionate about the tour de cure and has done measurements to fit me for the perfect road bike. it is causing great anxiety because the lowest price i've heard so far is about $1700. and then i have to get a helmet, bike shorts, special bike shoes, and who knows what else. can you hear my complaining? that is personal bad trait #2, i know how to complain and make excuses! i have a very heavy beach cruiser but apparently it's not suitable for this kind of riding. (i didn't know that when i agreed to join). so i've wasted a lot of valuable time pondering over should i buy an expensive bike, should i really do this, should i, could i, would i, etc. did i ever mention how much i despise those words, should have, could have, or would have?

anyway, i am going to overcome my apprehensions. i remind myself that it is for a great cause. but i will not and cannot buy a bike that expensive! i am a registered nurse and personally know many people who have diabetes. i have treated and cared for many diabetics and unfortunately have witnessed many pass away due to complications. my mother was just diagnosed with being prediabetic, i think. she doesn't seem to understand the specifics but right now she is supposedly only watching her diet. i considered becoming a diabetic educator many times but have yet to make that final decision (refer to personal bad trait #1).

please send your good wishes and prayers that my clumsy, uncoordinated, out of shape body will not get injured, at least not too seriously ;)

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to ride for diabetes. I was diagnosed prediabetic a couple of years ago. I do my blood everyday. today it was 110 my average for 7 days 125, for 14 days 127, for 31 days 123. Doctor put me on a mild diabetes med this past July, since then my numbers have been lower then they were before the meds. Only problem was that one of the side effects was wanting to eat alot....needless to say I gained 10 lbs. since July. It sure is a battle.
    I ride my stationary bike 3-5 miles every other night. Always feel better after the ride, but hard to get my rear in gear. Not that young anymore...67 now.

    Personally I don't think I could spend 1700 for a bike, but who knows you might enjoy the ride. Makes a difference when you are on a bike that rides good. I had my "40 year old" Schwin bike fixed this past summer, would be nice if I could lose 20 lbs by this next summer so I don't look like a "tub of lard" riding down the street. I always went riding at dusk so not alot of people out. Well, take care and keep warm...hope you are in a warmer place then WI.