Wednesday, November 13, 2013

visiting the past

a coworker discovered today that i want to be an artist when i grow up. as we talked, i ended up showing off some of my old work. i entered this drawing of "george's shoes" (george was a classmate) into the 34th annual student art show  and it won the award for drawing!!!
it was done in pen & ink. when i first looked at it today, all i could see were my mistakes and then i remembered how much fun i had doing it! talk about going into the right brain mode. it was fascinating! what's crazy is that i did this in 2005. that seems like a long time ago. i can't really explain the emotion this visit into my past created...regret? sadness? disappointment? regret and disappointment in myself for not following through with that dream. sadness for being so close to something i wanted so badly and then letting it go so easily! but i realized i really like this piece and i am very proud of myself! and i know the dream is still there. i don't think it's too late yet ;)


  1. this is AMAZING!! congratulations on your award… deserve it! keep dreaming, it's never too late! xoxox

  2. I am visiting here for the first your art work. I used to draw and really enjoyed it too. Won a few awards (in my younger years.) I wanted to go to Art School but I was told I would probably starve before becoming I went a different direction. There were some regrets. But I went to Beauty school instead, that lasted 18 years, I enjoyed hairdressing as it was a creative outlet. Well, now I make cards and scrape book a little. I still have all my art work from when I was's fun to revisit those times. You never know though someday it may come back when you least expect it. Dream Big, pull out those pens and ink and start drawing, you never know where it might lead you. Louise

  3. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for leaving me an email. I just read on another blog these words "Success comes in cans, not cant's" Actually I needed that too. Have a great are my blog and etsy addresses. I am on twitter and facebook too, but the addresses escape me right now.