Monday, October 28, 2013

new york vacation

i really didn't want to come home and i have decided that i will take a vacation every 3 months. it is mandatory :) so i went to new york to attend a creative cursive writing workshop with one of my favorite bloggers: elvie studio. she is an amazing and talented woman!

my oldest daughter came with me and we stayed in manhatten. i had a great time!

day 1:
     *on the way to new york we had dinner at white castle in new jersey
     *checked in the hotel then got a salad from the fresh & co
     **received a 3 hr service in the middle of the night at a 24 hr spa in korea town (and it was awesome)

day 2:
     *watched the movie 12 years a slave at a loews/amc theatre in kips bay area
     *walked around k town then had lunch at seoul garden
     *did lots of walking
     **visited the MOMA
     *shopped at uni qlo
     *did more walking
     *ordered sandwiches from spreads & got dessert from pret a manger
     *ate & watched tv @ the hotel

day 3:
     **rode the subway by myself (spent extra 40 min cause i went the wrong way)
     **attended the workshop & had lunch at city diner on the upper west side
     *picked up some goodies from baked by melissa
     *with the help of a classmate, found my way back on the subway (thanks so much chi)
     *back to the hotel & rec'd surprise gifts from my daughter (she shopped & walked while i was away)
     *spent an hour online trying to find & decide on an italian restaurant
     **ate a fantabulous meal at trattoria
     *passed out (2 cosmos with dinner was probably too much, tee hee)

day 4:
     **walked back to k town, shopped and browsed then packed a lunch from the woorijip (awesome!)
     *picked up lunch from kyochon for my coworker/friend who graciously let us bum a ride to NY with him
                            (thanks so much darren!)
     *checked out of the hotel & ate our take out
     **walked to and around chelsea in search of banksy (ran out of time but did find one!)
     *got picked up by my friend & it was bye bye new york!

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