Saturday, October 5, 2013

meet my new baby!

isn't he cute ^__^

this was my first attempt at wheel thrown pottery. my friend bought a kids wheel almost 10 years ago and we decided to give it a try since i happen to have a lump of clay in my studio of stuff that never gets used :)

it really was a lot of fun and i'm looking forward to taking a class and using a big girl wheel. i was simply trying to make a small bowl. i discovered that i really have heavy hands. there were a lot of "ah-ha" moments as my friend directed my actions like feeling the difference the water made or lack of it, and how the position of my hands made a different shape in the clay (using palms vs. fingers), etc.

now i must wait patiently as it dries. i think i'm going to use it as a ring/jewelry cup for my friend the chef to put near her kitchen sink. i don't think she has one yet and her birthday is coming up :)

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