Monday, February 18, 2013

it's my birthday :)

i've always wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen, now i have one
 i took a 5 day weekend from work for my birthday but the days are going too fast! i just wanted to take one of those "stay cations". just stay at home, relax, and do nothing. but it seems i keep finding things to do! sheesh! so i am another year older (and wiser). i have so many things i want to do but i am tired of writing about them instead of writing about actually getting those things done. it's a good feeling to cross things off of to do lists. it's a good feeling to feel productive and i love those days where i've done so much and didn't realize how much time had past. one of my dreams is to one day not have to ever care about the time. it's a fantasy of mine, to be able to go to sleep and wake up whenever i feel like it. work and play all day and just be totally carefree. kinda weird, huh? of course i'd have to be self employed or a lottery winner. don't think any boss would like me to just show up whenever i felt like it.

i know valentine's day has past but i had to get my treats done for my nephew and daughters. i found the sugar cookie & royal icing recipes here:
mine look nothing like hers but i had a lot of fun. i also made chocolate fudge and rice krispies treats in heart shapes last week. i just hope they don't become stale before they open their packages.
sugar cookie conversation hearts

they look ok, i haven't tasted them yet but i've wanted to bake these for years now 


  1. i'm a little late wishing you a happy birthday, sweet angela, but i hope you're still celebrating with rice krispie treats, chocolate fudge, and cookies......i like the way you think, girlfriend!! happy weekend to you!! xox

    1. thank you lori! you are really too sweet! happy weekend to you too :)