Saturday, January 26, 2013

happy new year..belated :)

i usually write a list of resolutions every year but didn't feel like this year. it always says the same thing.  i didn't want to set up a list of regrets or failures, again. but as i was thinking last night, i realized, i need a symbolic moment to kick start a few needed changes. i spent a lot of time in the kitchen today and i ended up making rice cake soup to celebrate the new year.
bulgogi, rice, kimchi, and rice cake soup. rice cake soup is the traditional new year's day meal in korea

look what i found at trader joes! not too bad, a little on the sour side

strawberry pie, my daughter asked so mommy made it. just add cool whip on top, yum yum

it snowed yesterday! baxter was a little confused, searched to find that perfect poop spot

not much snow but still beautiful, sometimes this is as good as it gets around here
well, here are my plans for a happy 2013:
         1. i entered the get fit challenge at work, so far only lost 5 pounds, and i joined a gym but i'm not disciplined yet. i was able to stop drinking soda, however, i gave in and enjoyed my cherry cokes yesterday and today. i've also been writing down everything i eat, trying to stay within 1500 cal a day (i use to eat that much in one meal). my goal is to lose no more than 25 to 30 pounds but more importantly i want to maintain a healthier lifestyle (so cliche' isn't it). not sure how this is going to work. i'm always hungry!
         2. my ultimate dream is to do something creative at least once a day. it always makes me happy. i still don't understand why i avoid it sometimes. i decided to start reading drawing on the right side of the brain again. i've picked it up more than once but never finished it. so i have decided to try and establish a routine, if i can at least sketch or doodle once a day, that would be great.
         3. finally, i have 2 bad habits i want to stop: hitting the snooze button in the morning and never finishing what i've started, especially reading books (i have over 15 books i've started but never finish).

i hope everyone is having a great start to their new year. it is exciting to imagine all of the great possibilities!

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