Saturday, February 23, 2013

simple pleasure to self analysis, huh?

one of my friends just took a leap of faith & is now a mary kay consultant. i ordered a stamper for her with her name, website and phone number(as a surprise gift) and thanks to one of my favorite blogger friends, i have discovered a new way to wrap gifts. initially i felt weird copying her idea but i am one of her devoted disciples in the letter lab :) thank you lori!

there is an art competition coming up for d'art center and today was the deadline for entering. i thought about it, got excited, thought about it some more, procrastinated, thought again, and then finally gave up on the idea (my usual routine). but for some reason, when i got up this morning, i told myself "why not, what's there to lose (besides the entry fee)". so i rushed and delivered my entry in person. unfortunately, i was confident enough to submit only one painting even tho the charge covered up to five. after i dropped it off my mind went on this analytical trip....i think i put the wrong year it was done on the form, i should have used my real name instead of my future name (i plan to change once i get divorced), i should have omitted the frame around the painting in the photo i had to submit, i'm not a professional artist, should i have wasted that $30, what if they do accept my entry, should i just forget about it and wait to see what happens or should i dream it, believe it, and own it......blah blah blah blah blah! ugh! what's wrong with me? i am excited. it's the same excitement i had doing that gift for my friend and creating that name tag. anything i do that has anything to do with art, creativity, writing, taking photos, even giving gifts gets me excited. and it's a great feeling :)

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