Saturday, November 17, 2012

what have i been up to lately?

i think i have officially turned into a couch potato! i should probably be too embarrassed to admit this. but in the last 2 1/2 months i have watched 10 different korean dramas! each one is at least 16 one hour episodes, some were 20 and one of my favorites actually had 30 episodes! that is a lot of tv time. one thing about these shows, they are in korean of course so i have to stay glued to the tv to read the subtitles! they are addicting!
scent of a woman---my favorite! i have a crush on lee dong-wook

bread, love, and dreams---another favorite

you're beautiful---this was my 1st and is one of my favorites
these are the other ones i've watched:
     * secret garden
     * lie to me
     * spring waltz
     * pasta
     * shining inheritance
     * stars falling from the sky
     * full house
now i may be going through a little withdrawl and i'm trying hard not to search for another one to start. i have also spent the last few months trying to learn korean. it's actually a lot of fun but i guess now i'm also confessing to being a nerd. i study korean for fun! tee hee  i really have fun writing the hangul characters and i can actually read a lot of it. if only i knew what it meant :)  but in time, i'm sure i will improve.

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